Software Developer


About Me

Hello, I'm an undergraduate student of the Western University Software Engineering program seeking a co-op position in software development. I love learning in depth for topics I have an interest in which is apparent through my college studies in the Fanshawe College Travel and Tourism program, and personal projects. Once I have a goal in mind, I set out to accomplish it.


HTML5, CSS3, CSS Frameworks, Sass, JavaScript, React, Express, MongoDB, Java, UI/UX

Academic Experience

Software Engineering - Western University

Year One
  • APPLMATH1411 - Linear Algebra Numerical Analysis for Engineers
  • APPLMATH1413 - Applied Math for Engineers I
  • BUSINESS1299 - Business for Engineers
  • CHEM1302 - Discovering Chemical Energetics
  • ENGSCI1021 - Properties of Materials
  • ENGSCI1022 - Engineering Statics
  • ENGSCI1036 - Programming Fundamentals for Engineers
  • ENGSCI1050 - Foundations for Engineering Practice
  • PHYSICS1401 - Physics for Engineering Students I
  • PHYSICS1402 - Physics for Engineering Students II
Year Two
  • APPLMATH2270 - Applied Math for Engineers II
  • APPLMATH2276 - Applied Math for Electrical and Mechanical Engineers III
  • ECE2238 - Introduction to Electrical Engineering
  • ECE2277 - Digital Logic Systems
  • ENGSCI3330 - New Venture Creation
  • MATH2151 - Discrete Structures for Engineers
  • SE2202 - Scripting Programming Language
  • SE2203 - Software Design
  • SE2205 - Algorithms and Data Structures
  • SE2250 - Software Construction
  • STATS2141 - Applied Probability and Statistics for Engineers
  • WRITING2130 - Better Communication Bridges
Year Three
  • ECE3375 - Microprocessors and Microcomputers
  • ECE4436 - Networking
  • ENGSCI3331 - Managing the Innovation Process
  • SE3309 - Database Management Systems
  • SE3310 - Theoretical Foundations for Software Engineering
  • SE3313 - Operating Systems for Software Engineering
  • SE3314 - Computer Network Applications
  • SE3316 - Web Technologies
  • SE3350 - Software Engineering Design I
  • SE3351 - Software Project & Project Management
  • SE3352 - Software Requirements and Analysis
  • SE3353 - Human Computer Interface Design

Fanshawe College - Travel and Tourism

Year One
  • TRAV1030 - Transportation & Hospitality
  • TRAV1029 - The Tour Industry
  • COMM1129 - Workplace Writing Skills
  • TRAV3015 - Flights & Fares
  • BUSI1169 - Travel Business Operations
  • DEVL1046 - Career Strategies
  • TRAV1033 - Fundamentals of Travel
  • TRAV1027 - Destination Geography
  • COMP1512 - Travel Systems & Software
  • TRAV1028 - Attractions & Tourism
  • TOUR1009 - Sales & Customer Service
  • MMED1065 - Emerging Technology Trends
Year Two
  • BEVR1004 - Wines of the World
  • GEOG3002 - World Destinations 1
  • FINA3046 - Finance & Business Operations
  • TOUR1011 - Tourism Certifications
  • GEOG1006 - Discover North America
  • ANTH1012 - Cultural Anthropology
  • COOP1020 - Co-op Education Employment Prep


Personal Project - LingoThyme

Product that helps people practice written English through responses to prompts and reading others replys. Everyday, there is a new daily writing topic for the users to reply to and they can only reply to the active prompt which as mentioned before, changes daily. The website is mobile responsive, accessible, and uses i18n.

Utilized: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MongoDB, Expressjs, Reactjs, Nodejs, Sass, Bulma.css, Passport.js, and jQuery.

Hackathon - Hack Western 2020

A web app made to help people without experience in the stock market invest their money efficiently.

Utilized: JavaScript, React, Express.js, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Tailwind CSS, Ant Design, Firebase, and Firestore.

Hackathon - Citrus Hacks V (Winner)

Website that lets either the farmer or customer log in through a secure and authenticated server in which the farmer is able to add products, and the customer is able to view all the products from all the farmers in their local area. The customer can then purchase this product and meet in a common point such as parking spot where the delivery will take place. The project was the winner in one of three main tracks of the hackathon.

Utilized: HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, JavaScript, Node.js, React, Express.js, Passport.js, MongoDB, and Mongoose.

Hackathon - BorderHacks (Winner)

Oober plus is a web app that allows users to find posts created by other users advertising transportation to a specific location at a given time. Users are able to create a profile, sign in, make posts, browse other users’ ads, and view account details.

Utilized: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Reactjs, Tailwind.css, antd, firebase auth, firestore, and nextjs.

Version 3.3